To assist our clients with their own internal collection process and to improve our own performance, we utilizes the many resources we have at our disposal in attempting to locate those “hard to find” accounts. Services can be provided in either a pre or post collection environment.
We know results are important to our clients. Our detailed reporting package includes the following:

Placement Confirmation Listing - confirms receipt of accounts and includes account demographics and dollar amounts.

Trial Balance Listing - monthly, quarterly or on demand update of individual account status including demographics and dollar amounts.

Closed Account Report - monthly report of accounts being returned to client with explanation as to reason.

Performance Analysis - summary totals of monthly referrals, collections and collection ratio.

Remittance/Recap Report - monthly report of payments received and commission amounts.
At no additional charge and at the option of the client, accounts may be listed with the major national credit reporting companies. While this may not assure recovery, it makes further credit availability unlikely without first having past due balances cleared.
Same rate is charged for each account assigned regardless of balance, aging or other factors. Contract is open-end so accounts may be assigned for any amount, in any volumes and at anytime. IF WE DON’T COLLECT, THERE IS NO CHARGE TO YOU.
At the client’s approval, ACS can provide civil court processing services through arrangements we have with various attorney offices. The process includes obtaining a judgment and attachment on property and/or income, if warranted. Certain advance fees may be required in these cases.
Using the latest technology in Automated Voice Messaging applications, we can design and implement a fully customized and automated payment reminder service where your accounts receivable are contacted by phone to secure payment before they become involved in the collection process. Using this same technology, we can also provide fully customized appointment reminder services.
Through the use of our state-of-the-art collection system, accounts can be contacted in a highly efficient and effective manner, which maximizes our results on behalf of our client. All data is maintained on-line so that results are instantly recorded and reviewed. Up-to-date status reports and information is immediately available to the client.
Through relationships we have established with other agents, we can assign your accounts for second referral processing to insure that your accounts are continued to be worked until all collections efforts have been fully exhausted. Programs can be customized to meet specific collection targets and objectives.
We have developed many different types of collection programs to help meet the changing needs of our clients. Our Time Payment Services provide our clients with a low cost method of follow-up on those accounts for which a payment plan has been accepted because of the individual’s financial situation. Programs are custom designed to accommodate the individual client’s customer service and recovery objectives.